Top 5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!


Here are some great exercises you can do at home, outside, or even in a hotel room without a single piece of equipment! Put them together to make a simple yet challenging exercise routine that works your entire body.

1. Air Squats

These are great for shaping and toning your legs and butt, plus they get your heart pumping!

An air squat is performed standing with your feet a bit wider than your hips. The goal is to do a full squat (your thighs should be just past parallel with the ground at the bottom of the exercise) with speed and power and without a pause between repetitions.

2. Burpies

My all time favorite (its a love-hate relationship)! From standing, fold forward and place your hands on the ground. Jump your feet back, landing in a plank position as you lower yourself to the floor (chest and hips must touch the ground). Push yourself back up as you spring your feet toward your hands, stand up and jump.

3. Mountain Climbers

Great for increasing core strength and flexibility, as well as getting your heart rate up and burning a bunch of calories!

From a plank, bring your right foot directly to the outside of your right hand so that your full foot is in contact with the floor. Using your core muscles (basically your trunk from shoulders to kneew) hop your right foot back to start position as you bring your left foot directly beside your left hand. Repeat.

4. Butterfly Sit-Ups

These work your abs from top to bottom with full range of motion while preventing your hips from doing any of the work.

Lying on your back, place the bottom of your feet together, allowing your knees to drop to the side. Touch the ground behind your head with your hands then quickly bring them forward, sitting all the way up and touching your feet.

5. Supermans

It is SUPER important that you do exercises to strengthen your lower back. Many people do abs and ignore their lower back leading to imbalances and back problems.

Lie on your stomach, legs straight and arms straight in front so that they form a “V” shape. Keeping your neck in neutral position, raise your arms, chest, and legs all together as high as you can then lower down slowly.


  1. Jennifer D.Reply

    Great advice. All of these require minimum space and time. Can you recommend some that I can at my desk? I work all day and seldom have time to exercise.

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