Faux Leather Hits the Runway!

Talk about sexy fit vegan style! Faux leather has hit the both the runway and the red carpet this year. Celebrities such as Anne Hathoway asport their fashion forward cruelty-free boots and dresses, while top designers like Tom Ford and Stella McCarney are rolling out new pieces to add to their lines.

"Les Miserables" New York Premiere


Check out the article in New York Magazine, “Pleather Is Back, But Don’t Call it Vegan Leather,” for all the hot details



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Vegan Fitness Ella Magers TKO

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Meet Ella Magers – Miami’s Sexy Celebrity Trainer

If you’ve been eating a little too much mac n’ cheese at Prime One Twelve, it may be time to get a trainer and some good, ahem, dietary advice. Enter Ella Magers, who offers up lifestyle consulting and personal training sessions to Miamians with means. Aside from nutrition consultation, she’ll help you blast fat in a one-hour workout with kick-boxing moves, abdominal workouts and strength training .

Ella Magers is a personal consulting and wellness professional based in Miami Beach who has worked with professional athletes like Alex Rodriguez. She started her practice of Muay Thai 10 years ago when she worked under a world champion and now teaches Muay Thai Boot Camps at SobeKick Miami.

“The work out is so great because you work everything.  You work the lower body, and you have the kicks and elbows, so it’s the science of the 8 limbs,” says Ella of her practice of Muay Thai.

Magers isn’t just incredibly buff, she is also vegan, so in addition to personal training, Ella is also promoting her new website Sexyfitvegan.com.  The website promotes a vegan lifestyle because “it is not only healthy, but a compassionate way to live.”  Ella also does in-person consulting in Miami in order to help people transition seamlessly into a vegan lifestyle and drop pounds.

“I work with them on nutrition.  I take people from where they are and look at schedules and families.  Everybody has things going on in their lives and they need somebody to look and fit in the exercise and how to eat right, even if they’re traveling,” said Ella.  “All of those components are really important.”

Ella was also the Fame Fitness World Champion in 2007 and knows a thing or two about getting results. Following her strategies and workouts, she says clients “start to feel a difference and start to feel their clothes fitting loosely” in no time at all.

But what if you want to hit the chocolate fountain at Dylan’s?

“As long as you find a balance in which you are eating healthy, and doing mostly the rights things, you got to go and have fun too,” says Ella.  “I don’t want to be unrealistic, I want people to have fun.”

by Brittany Weiner 

Shout-Out to Ellen DeGeneres

Vegan Ellen

I want to give a big shout-out to Ellen DeGeneres for being such a strong voice for the voiceless! Since going vegan years ago, Ellen has been extremely vocal about her reasons and dedicated to spreading the word and helping others get on the path of compassion and health. Since her interview with Katy Couric several years ago (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-4j6vSyDu0) Ellen has made it a point to do interviews with other vegan celebrities such as Bill Clinton (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N6SbPolnd4&list=PL0750DC26D579C835&index=1) and Kathy Freston (http://www.ellentv.com/2012/03/19/kathy-freston-talks-healthy-eating/). She did an amazing job when she was on the Rachel Ray show, demonstrating her ability to share her knowledge and experiences in a way that doesn’t alienate people (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_wCA2AH3dg). A large part of her website is also devoted to vegan tips, news, recipes, etc. GO ELLEN! Keep up the great work!!!